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Christopher Hodges was born and raised in Chicago, IL on October 15, 1984 to Pastor Jeffrey D. and Evangelist Virgie M. Hodges. Christopher is a Christian man with honest pure motives. As a child, he loved music and singing. He has always had a tender heart toward animals and the less fortunate.

As Christopher began to pursue careers, his love for people and the desire to make sure that people live their best life, led him to pursue employment with the Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court’s Office. Where he has served for the past 15 years in the capacity of Cashier Manager. Their he happily serves the residents of Cook County on a daily basis.

Christopher has been a motivational speaker and a mentor for over 16 years. While being a mentor, he has become very active in his community and church community. He is currently mentoring many young men from the South Shore Community and abroad.

He also serves as a music coordinator and youth advisor with the Reverend Jesse Jackson and Rainbow Push Coalition. This environment has fired up his passion for community activism. Since his partnership with Rev. Jackson, he has participated in various protests, jail ministry and various community outreach events.

Christopher is also an active member of his father’s church, King of Glory Church of God in Christ. Where he is the minister of music and assists in any capacity that is needed of him. Christopher participates in youth ministry, ministerial duties, food giveaways and various evangelical endeavors.

In accordance with his love for people, if you ever want to get under his skin mess with the seniors. “I love the seniors and will fight anybody about my seniors.” Christopher can be found visiting nursing homes, hospitals and wherever these precious people are found.

Christopher is striving to fulfill the motto “if I can I just help someone along the way, then my living is not in vain.”

Some of Christopher Highlights

  • An Advocate For the People

  • A Man of Integrity, Transparency and Accountability

  • Avid Politicians

  • Community Organizer

  • Gospel Recording Artist

  • Senior Advocate

  • Youth Mentor

  • Community Development

  • Job Placement

  • Gap Bridger for Law Enforcement and the People